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How to judge whether the silicone desiccant is effective and what is the moisture absorption rate?

The following simple methods can be used to determine whether the silicone desiccant is effective:   

1.Tear the silicone desiccant packaging bag apart, take the silicone raw material and hold it tightly in your hands to see if there is heat, and the heat dissipation indicates that the silicone desiccant is still effective.   

2.If blue or orange is added to indicate the silica gel desiccant particles, if it indicates that the silica gel particles have changed color, the silica gel desiccant has failed.   

3.Hold a small cup of cold water, tear open the silicone desiccant bag, and pour the raw materials into the water. If the silicone particles are exploded into pieces and make a "crack" sound, it will be effective.   

4.Take a small bag of silicone desiccant, weigh it, mark it, and hold a small cup of boiling water at the same time. Spread the silicone desiccant on the mouth of the cup (not stained with water), and weigh it every 1-2 hours to see if the weight will increase. If there is an increase, it will be effective.

What is the difference between desiccant and deoxidizer?

The usefulness of desiccants and deoxidizers is actually completely different. So is our product suitable for desiccants or deoxidizers?Before answering this question, first of all, we must analyze the usefulness of desiccants and deoxidizers. What do they do?What is the use of each?   

1) Desiccant: The main purpose of desiccant can be understood literally, which is to dry and absorb water.Absorb the water vapor in the product packaging, control the relative humidity in the product packaging, and give the product a dry environment so that the product will not rust or become moldy.Under dry conditions, many things can be stored for a longer time.Usually desiccants are used in dried fruit food, medicines, electronic products, clothing, shoes and hats, household goods, upholstered furniture, wood products, woven products, leather goods, machinery, glass and other products to prevent moisture.   

2) Deoxidizer: Literally, deoxidizer can absorb oxygen and slow down the oxidation of food.We know that the corruption of general items is caused by oxidation, so we can prevent the corruption of items by controlling the amount of oxygen.It is usually used in food, because many foods are water-containing. If a desiccant is used, it will affect the original flavor of the food. If the desiccant is small, it will not absorb the water evaporated from the food. Therefore, deoxidizers can be used. Deoxidizers can create an environment for food that allows moisture without spoiling (oxidation).

What is the effect of placing deoxidizer in food packaging?

Deoxidizer, also known as deacidifier, the main components are reduced iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite, sodium chloride, and water; deoxidizer is not a food additive. It absorbs oxygen in the packaging container through the oxidation principle of iron powder, and quickly reduces the oxygen concentration to less than 0.01% within 0.5-2 working days, thereby ensuring that the article is not oxidized and deteriorated, and its reaction is stable, no odors, no harmful gas generation, and no side effects.   

The placement of deoxidizer in food can play the following roles:   

1) By absorbing the oxygen in the packaging container, the container is in an oxygen-free state, which effectively inhibits the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria.   

2) Prevent mildew, oil oxidation, moth-eaten, aging, discoloration, and rust of various items and foods, and extend the shelf life of items and foods.   3) At the same time, it can also play a good role in preventing rancidity of oils and fats, preventing oxidative browning of meat, and preventing the loss of vitamins in food.