What is the difference between desiccant and deoxidizer?

Desiccants and deoxidizers look very similar. They are all in small bags. The words "DO NOT EAT" or "inedible" are usually written on the package. We often see dry in some snack bags. Agent and deoxidizer. But in fact, many friends don't know the difference between desiccant and deoxidizer, they think they are the same thing.

What is the difference between a physical desiccant and a chemical desiccant?

The principle of physical desiccant is to physically adsorb water molecules in their internal pore structure; the principle of chemical desiccant is to chemically absorb water molecules and change their chemical structure to become another substance.

Why is calcium chloride desiccant the most widely used desiccant in the world?

The great solubility of calcium chloride desiccant determines its ability to absorb moisture (drying) in the solid state and is not easy to react with other substances. Therefore, calcium chloride desiccant is the most common in the world and has the best moisture absorption capacity. Desiccant.

What is the role of placing a deoxidizer in a food package?

Deoxidizer, also known as deacidification agent, is mainly composed of reduced iron powder, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite, sodium chloride and water. The deoxidizer is not a food additive. It absorbs oxygen in the packaging container by the principle of iron powder oxidation. The concentration of oxygen is quickly reduced to 0.01% or less within 0.5-2 working days, thereby ensuring that the article is not oxidized and deteriorated, and the reaction is stable, has no strange smell, no harmful gas generation, and no side effects.

How to judge whether the silica gel desiccant is effective and how much moisture absorption rate?

The silica gel desiccant can be judged by the following simple method: 1. Tear off the silicone desiccant packaging bag, take the silicone material and shake it tightly to see if there is any heat. The heat dissipation means that the silica gel desiccant is also effective.
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