Yantai Tengda Deoxidizer Co., Ltd. (“Tengda” for short) was a share-holding company established by one of the domestic founders of deoxidizers, Ge Yunlin at the end of the 1980s. Tengda is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of deoxidizers (also known as oxygen absorbent, oxygen scavenger, deacidification agent and food preservative) and desiccants. With strong technical force, advanced production equipment, sound testing means, strict production and quality management modes, creditable operation, high-quality products, excellent pre-sales and after-sales services, Tengda has won the trust and praise of domestic and overseas customers. Our products are sold around China, and are exported to Japan...

Oxygen scavenger packaging products used in the following store:
Pet food: chicken breast, cat food, dog food, dog chews.
A variety of pastries: moon cake, Ma Bing, pasta and so on.
A variety of animal products: beef jerky, pork breast, bacon, wax belly, sausage, ham, preserved duck, chicken and other wax.
A variety of roasted seeds and nuts: sunflower seeds, black melon seeds, white melon seeds, peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts, hazelnuts, butter melon seeds, melon seeds, walnut chestnut, peanut and so on.
Variety of food: rice, millet, popcorn, seeds and so on.
A variety of dried fruits dried vegetables: red dates, Woodcrest Hill, litchi, walnut, lotus seeds, ginseng fruit, almonds, cashews, dehydrated vegetables, dried mushrooms, raisins and so on.
A variety of beverages: tea, rice, coffee, nutrition, meal, protein powder.
A variety of fried foods: peanut butter beans, walnut amber, orchid bean, multi-flavor beans, fried dough twist, fried potato slices, fried green beans and so on.
A variety of seafood: shrimp, dried fish, seaweed, grilled fish, squid and so on.
All kinds of medicine: ginseng, American ginseng, Tianma, medlar, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese herbal medicine, biological medicine, various health medicines. Other: tobacco, heritage, archives,